Turning Rims into Wheels

Turning Rims into Wheels

I am just glad that Eric, who is a mechanic and knows about these things, was as taken with the idea of wooden rims as I was. He offered/I badgered him to help me calculate the spoke lengths needed to turn these rims into wheels. Easier said than done as there is no hey-let’s-Google-the-rim-diameter to be done. An hour of finagling, educated guesses has got us …on the wrong path. But no matter, before I really screw it up Eric bustled into work the next morning with some notes and calculations scrawled on a scrap of paper. Yup, I was not the only one up part of the night thinking about this particular set of wheels.IMG_0058

Spokes in hand, the job can get started. This is when I discover that the custom only-from-the-hand-of-Giovanni spoke nipples are not all the same. …ok don’t tell anyone but I solved this issue by skulking into the still unpacked set that a fellow traveler brought home. You see, I am just trying to help out …you know, work things out so that he will have an easier time when he comes to do his. …Or this is what I tell myself to justify my lack patience. (My mother always said patience was a virtue …I moved out when I was 17)

Regardless, yesterday this email came to us from Giovanni’s son.

Ghisallo Wooden Rims

…sorry if we use again your email address but we have discovered that probably you and your mates have got a mixture of nipples – 1.8 and 2.0 measures – so it will be a problem for you to mount rims.

If this really happened please send us yours and your mates addresses in order to ship you for free the right nipples bags.

Sorry for the problem, we look forward your confirmation, thanks.

with Kind Regards,

Antonio Cermenati

…I don’t feel too bad.

I had not built a set of wheels in a few years so I had to bang the dust off the old truing stand. After a couple of false starts getting the pattern right they came together beautifully. I mean that physically, spiritually and mechanically.

There are a few more steps to go but I am itching to get them on the road. …And I guess I owe Eric a ride too.