Not enough O’s in smooth.

Not enough O’s in smooth.

A friend once described her new Look bike in the same way. Not enough O’s in smooth. What was a great description for her new bike applied to my new wheels so well that I just had to poach it.


With the SwissStop pads in place.


So, yes, finally the tires are glued, the wheels are true and I managed to get out for a ride. The last detail was to install a brake pad designed for use on carbon rims. These came courtesy of the very good people at SwissStop. I had not really considered what a traditional brake pad might do to the rims but Steve, who had taken an interest in the project, certainly had. So, new pads and all, I went for a quick ride.


Did I mention that I have the perfect bike for these wheels?

It is an interesting testament to traditional technology that these wheels didn’t feel much different from my Mavic Open Pro’s, which are otherwise build up the same way. I could go on and on but, really, who want to hear anymore about this project? 5 blog posts is enough about any subject, I reckon. Suffice it to say, they are light, smooth and comfortable while fairly stiff. Am I going to ride them? Hell, yeah.