Classic Tool Roll

Here is a simple solution to an age old problem. How do we carry some basic kit in a way that is in keeping with the brutal elegance of the bikes we ride and honor our sport and its heritage? We believe this is a problem that cannot be solved with nylon, plastic and zippers.

Our tool rolls are made from fine veg tan leather from Wickett and Craig in Pennsylvania. Designed to carry basic tools, ID, cash, cards and up to 2 inner tubes, the Yellow Line Rule Classic Tool Roll is the simplest, most durable and classiest bit of kit a cyclist can have under the saddle.

Whether over-stuffed or almost empty, our tool rolls tuck cleanly under-seat. Over time, the Veg-Tanned leather will form to fit the contents of the roll and break in to fit both the strap and saddle shape.

Modern function, classic style and superb craftsmanship in a product designed to last.

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